The Construction Industry is Feeling the Chill of This Year’s Winter Storms

A drop in housing construction in the U.S. occurred in January, bringing housing construction down 16 percent overall.  This is surprising because the housing construction industry had been doing fairly well in the recovering economy.  In 2013, housing construction rose 17.7 percent with an annual build rate of 976,000, the highest number since 2007.  However, […]

School construction to increase on Montgomery capital budget?

According to an article, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Legget, is trying to get a boost in state funding to aid school construction and repair. The budget is over a six-year time period and will raise local funding for school construction from $987 million to $1.1 billion – a 13 percent increase. The increased budget from Legget came about […]

E-Builder Integrates DocuSign

According to an article, E-Builder has now included Docusign’s electronic signature solution, which will help streamline construction project management projects. E-Builder is a “cloud-based construction program management software to help organizations ranging from hospitals to universities increase productivity, accountability and profitability for their construction projects.” With this new e signature, people will be able to […]