Solar panels to be installed at White House

Friday, President Obama will promote his record on energy efficiency by promoting several initiatives he claims will take hold across the country. Specifically one very close to home. After years of delay, solar panels will finally be installed on the first family’s White House home according to aides. Obama will make the announcement at a […]

Facebook to launch data center that runs on 100% renewable energy

In 2015, Facebook will be launching a new data center in Iowa that is expected to run solely on renewable energy according to an article. The company decided to have the data center in Iowa because a new wind project is being built and Facebook as a company would like to harness good renewable energy […]

Venture Capatalist: Energy Storage For The Future

According to a recent article, California passed a bill stating that one third of their total energy supply must be in the form of renewable energy by the year 2020. This bill has pushed major venture capitalists such as Peter Thiel and Vinod Khosla as well as major corporations like General Electric CO and Microsoft Corp […]