E-Builder Integrates DocuSign

According to an article, E-Builder has now included Docusign’s electronic signature solution, which will help streamline construction project management projects.

E-Builder is a “cloud-based construction program management software to help organizations ranging from hospitals to universities increase productivity, accountability and profitability for their construction projects.” With this new e signature, people will be able to sign off on construction projects and documents anywhere and at anytime on any device. This ability will help keep projects digital, with out a need for paper to be produced, making things more seamless than in the past.

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, so too will different products and services. What we are seeing here with E-builder is nothing crazy or new, it is just making a part of a process that much easier for people. The time one might spend with printing or faxing documents won’t be necessary anymore. People will be able to send project files digitally with e-Builder and now can sign seamlessly when projects are given the go ahead. It is more practical and allows for things to run even more smoothly than they have with the project management software.