Facebook to launch data center that runs on 100% renewable energy

Chalres EadieIn 2015, Facebook will be launching a new data center in Iowa that is expected to run solely on renewable energy according to an article. The company decided to have the data center in Iowa because a new wind project is being built and Facebook as a company would like to harness good renewable energy sources. They also like the impact of the wind turbine project as it will lead to investments and jobs in the area.

I think it is great that Facebook would take such an environmentally friendly approach to their new data center and would care about servicing jobs to people in the Altoona, Iowa area. Companies that care about people and the environment outside of their walls are great and should be rewarded. Clearly Facebook was strategic about where they wanted to build their data center and from what source of energy they’d like the center to run on.

Non renewable resources can only go so far before they are all used up. It is necessary to keep pushing the envelope with how we harness energy because we will need these new methods sooner rather than later. Other companies should take note of what Facebook is doing here. Not many companies would choose to be apart of such a project, but Facebook recognizes the need of others outside of their company. Both parties will benefit from the partnership, so it is a no brainer.