Solar Roadways: Paving the Path to a Brighter Future

Imagine if all the roads today were transformed into solar surfaces, capable of powering all transportation and neighboring communities. The people at Solar Roadways believe this to be possible and are currently in the process of constructing the first ever solar driveway. The project includes a series of solar panels underneath a strong glass surface. The resulting energy that the solar panels creates would easily pay off the cost of building the roads, as well as supply renewable energy to the masses. Other innovative additions for the solar roadway include adding a heating element to offset cold weather conditions as well as LED lighting to provide night time awareness.

driving-on-glass-solar-roads_1Changing our current infrastructure to eliminate the heavy reliance on fossil fuels is the way of the future. As the population continues to grow,  so too will the need for energy. The Solar Roadways project works particularly well in the US, where personally owned motorized vehicles comprise the majority of transportation. The size and cost of this project are the greatest inhibiting factors for a green light. Although concrete and asphalt roads are not cheap, the majority of them are already in existence and therefore only require occasional maintenance. The deciding factor will be if an alternative or cheaper option presents itself that can replace the solar roadways project. In the meantime, purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles and wasting less is the best course of action and hopefully someday we’ll all be witness to the first Solar highway.

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